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Skew Socks: One Down

It might be a record… I started this sock on Tuesday, didn’t touch it on Friday or Saturday, finished it on Sunday and started the second sock. Four days it took me to knit a whole sock! I’m amazed :)
It turned out a little big for me despite reducing the foot repeats by 4, but not too bad. My heel sewing is a little rough but no one would notice except myself. There’s a weird pointy spot at the heel that I think might relax once I wash and block it. I started the second sock right away because I spent too much money on this yarn to just make one sock and forget about it. I’m sure the second one will come more slowly but I think they will be lovely to wear when it gets colder so I’m surprisingly motivated to finish the pair.
Like I said before, this pattern is not as easy as I originally thought it would be, but I got through it and learned more about knitting. The short rows at the top were not the pain I thought they would be at all. It’s actually very straight forward. The only complicated part for me was the grafting and sewing of the little hole at the end of the grafted seam.

Also, as I worked on this pattern, I naturally thought about how it might work in crochet. Sometime I might experiment with doing a crocheted sock on the diagonal. I have another pair of Lorna’s Laces skeins that might be perfect for that!

One Heel Down

This knitted ankle sock pattern consists of tons of short rows for the heel. It’s not easy, at least not for a knitting noob like myself. Since I have no idea how to fix mistakes or how to rescue dropped stitches, it was quite nerve-wracking. But, I managed to finish the first heel last night!

Here you can see all of my rough knitting: laddering all the way up the sides and weird holes here and there where I failed to wrap or pick up wraps properly… or something, I’m not completely sure where I went wrong in some cases. These are going to be some funky/ugly socks but, I’m learning so much!

first heel

Sock Knitting

So I mentioned a while back that I wanted to learn to knit socks. Now that we’re moved into the new place, I went ahead and ordered myself a kit and needles from Knit Picks and plan to teach myself to knit socks asap. The kit I ordered contains 7 patterns for ankle socks and enough yarn to make them all. There are many other very simple sock patterns available for free and I may end up needing to start there instead but I thought ankle socks would be relatively quick and nice for summer. I ordered both 40″ circular needles and dpns so that I can try both methods. I love the idea of doing 2 socks at a time on one set of circulars because then the pair are more likely to match.

The kit and needles arrived yesterday and I promptly got started. I was pretty confused at first because I’ve never read a knitting pattern or chart. I also don’t know how to do the recommended cast on and instead of taking 2 minutes to look it up, I instead went ahead and did some weird crochet chain cast on. I used a size C hook to chain 10, pulled up a loop in each stitch across as if to start Tunisian crochet, then pulled the hook all the way through and slipped the stitches off the non-hook end of the hook and onto a dpn. Then I used the hook to pull up loops across the other side of the chain and moved the loops onto a second dpn. It looks a little messy but we’ll see how it turns out. Next time I’ll try to cast on properly.

Once I had both socks cast on, on 2 separate pairs of dpns, I knitted them both onto the same set of 40″ circular needles and am now working 2 at a time! This was a bit fiddly at first but the more stitches I have made, the easier it gets. I have no idea what right leaning and left leaning increases are so I increased the same way on both sides. I didn’t really seem “right” but it looks ok. I almost frogged and restarted a few times but managed to figure out what was going on and moved forward. I finished the toes and 9 rows of the foot last night. It looks pretty good but I’m afraid they might end up being too big. I just can’t tell with knitting…


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