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Lucky Clover Tam

Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, my new knit pattern is now available. Check it out, it’s the Lucky Clover Tam! Lucky Clover is an easy bottom up knit hat with cute little eyelet 4-leaf clovers all over. It’s moderately slouchy but you can use needles a size smaller for a skull cap or …

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Hat Blocking part 2: Comparison

This is the hat that I knit over a year ago. I never bothered to block it, I just left it as-is. It was fine though, a cute hat. Yesterday I decided to finally block it. Now it’s like a completely different hat! It has more drape and is slouchy as it was intended.

Meet Melina

She models my hats and cowls. Just look at all the hats she has worn already. These are all knit hats that I’ve finished within the past 2 months with the exception of the black and white one. I knitted that one over a year ago and just never got a very good photo of …

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How to Block a Hat

I went several years without ever blocking anything. I made probably 15 hats in both crochet and knit and just wore them straight off the hook/needles. It wasn’t until recently that I learned the importance of blocking. Sometimes it’s not really necessary (like if you’re using synthetic fibers or very basic stitches). When it becomes …

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