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Yarn Acquisition

A few days ago I made the short trip downtown to our local yarn store to pick up some yarn for my stripe study shawl: I already had the black and the accent colors but I wanted a neutral, high-contrast secondary color. I usually just order yarn online since there is a much better selection …

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A Scarf and A Solution

After reviewing my options and deliberating for a while about my camera issues I decided to go ahead and check out the Eye-Fi wireless memory card. It really is amazing, It will upload your photos directly from your camera to your computer and/or the internet. I’m still learning the ins and outs of it (it only …

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Fiber Season is Upon Us

The last few weeks here have been quite a bit cooler and it’s starting the transition into Fall. That means knitting and crocheting season is upon us. I just ordered yarn (for the first time since April) to make myself a daily-wear crocheted cardigan. It should be on my doorstep sometime today or tomorrow and …

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Yarn Diet

Just because I’m on a yarn diet doesn’t mean you have to be :) I keep coming across all of these great deals on lovely yarn. I “window” shop, putting various colors and textures into my virtual cart, looking back over all of them and then I close the window. “I do not need more …

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