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Knit Tribute

So I’ve been knitting like crazy for the past couple weeks. I’ve been temporarily laid off so that leaves me a ton of time for crafting. This past weekend I finished up my second sweater in a row designed by Wendy Bernard. The first was the Sahara sweater from Stitch Diva. The most recent was …

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A Little Tribute

Summer has been just flying by- it’s nearly the end of July already! And it’s been over 90 degrees, sometimes over 100, for the past couple weeks. That sure makes it difficult to think about knitting or crocheting things to wear. So this month (well, what’s left of it) I’m going to focus on other …

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Lodestar Tunic – Coming Along

It’s May already and I’ve really been slacking on the blogging. I have been crocheting and knitting regularly but have been taking a break from designing. Instead I’ve been focusing my creativity on my garden and house. I have planted lots of perennials and have veggie seedlings growing indoors waiting for a proper garden to …

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The Big 3-0


This isn’t really craft-related but I had a big 30th birthday party this weekend. Meiby was there to help me celebrate :) I ended up with tons of wonderful things for my garden/yard. 2 lilac bushes, a bunch of different daffodils, lilies, herbs and other things. And my husband got me a really nice gardening …

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