iPod Photos – Not So Great

So my neat-o device that I was hoping would streamline my blogging is the latest iPod Touch. Turns out it’s not so great. It seems as if it’s an iPhone without the phone but that’s just not true. The iPhone has an amazing camera (8mp if I’m not mistaken) but the iPod has nothing close to that. It’s basically a webcam so, paired with the sub par lighting in my house,  the photos are not really satisfactory for blogging purposes.

For example, here is the crochet sweater that I’m working on. You can see that I unraveled the ribbing on one of the sleeves. I need to add a little length and I think it will work out as is. I don’t think I’ll have to unravel to above the elbow to change the decreases. But the photo is pretty crappy:


So, the iPod might be going back and I’m looking into digital cameras with built-in wifi. It’s amazing how far behind camera manufacturers are with this technology. They really need to step it up if they want to compete with everyone’s phones. I’ve only been able to find 3 compact digital cameras with wifi capabilities. I will share my research here and maybe it will help some of you as well.

Nikon Coolpix S610c: I’m not sure this is even available to buy. On the website it is listed as “archived” with no pricing or availability information. It is 10Mp with a 3″ touchscreen. Amazon is selling it for $305 (but why isn’t Nikon selling it?)

Samsung SH100: The only one I actually found reviews on. It seems it’s a nice little camera that takes decent photos but some people complained that the touch interface was cludgy. I think I could deal with that though. It is a 14MP cam with a 3″ touchscreen. Sells for $180 on Samsung’s website but Amazon sells it for as little as $99.

Kodak Easyshare M750: Looks pretty nice but will not be on the market until March or April. Kodak has been doing “Easyshare” for a while but this will be their first wifi version. It is a 16MP cam with a 3″ touchscreen and will sell for $170 at Kodak or Amazon.

All of these charge through USB or a regular outlet (no AA batteries!) I believe. They all take HD video too. I’m going to continue to read about these and see if there are any other options. If you know of any, or have any other advice, please share!

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  1. Dave Bennett

    I have a Canon Powershot that takes great photos. A couple other knitters/crocheters I know, also have various versions of the Canon Powershot and we all love ‘em.

    1. Amy Maxwell

      Thanks Dave, I will look into those. But ideally I like to find a camera that takes decent indoor photos that either plugs directly into my computer (with no cables) and/or has wifi and needs no cables. I don’t think this thing exists yet :/

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