WiFi Camera Search 2012

In addition to what I listed earlier, I’ve found these options:

Sony Bloggie Touch/Sony Bloggie Live – this is pretty cool but more suited for video than photos. Plugs directly into your computer with a flip out USB attachment (no cable). 3″ touchscreen, 12MP. Touch goes for $130 and Live for $250.

Flip – No longer sold

ViviCam T132 – Can’t find any info on where/how to buy this one

Or maybe I should just go the cell phone route. Many of them have 8MP cameras now and of course have wifi and 4G/3G. I haven’t done this yet because switching to a smartphone will about double our monthly phone bill. Sure, we can probably find room in the budget for it but we have wifi pretty much everywhere we go so don’t really need 4G and could use that money elsewhere. BUT, if it will keep me blogging enough to make a valid business out of this, MAYBE it will pay for itself…

iPhone 4s - 8MP, iCloud (which I love), 3G, pretty sweet all around

Samsung Galaxy S II, Epic - 8MP, Allshare (sounds basically like iCloud), 4G, has some really nice photo features (white balance, focus, ISO settings, metering, etc.) Not sure if iPhone does this.

OR… ok, my brother just let me in on this secret and OMG this may just be the answer!

Eye-Fi - WiFi SD cards! Stick one into a compatible camera (which includes our nice DSLR, though not my cheap old point and shoots) and it will send your photos to your computer, ipad, ipod, iphone or android. Runs around $40-$90 on Amazon depending on what model you need. Has anyone tried this?

I may just have to try this since it’s definitely the cheapest option and I can use the camera we already have. I will read/think more about it and report back :)

I swear I’ll get back to regularly scheduled crochet and knit content ASAP.

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    1. Amy Maxwell

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