A Scarf and A Solution

After reviewing my options and deliberating for a while about my camera issues I decided to go ahead and check out the Eye-Fi wireless memory card. It really is amazing, It will upload your photos directly from your camera to your computer and/or the internet. I’m still learning the ins and outs of it (it only just arrived on my doorstep a few hours ago) but I’ve figured out how to get selected photos uploaded to Flickr directly from our Canon Rebel. It’s a great solution because:

  • I didn’t have to buy a new camera or phone
  • I won’t have to pay for any kind of data plan
  • It allows me to not only use a camera we already have but to really learn how to take amazing photos with a nice DSLR
  • I can use it without any hassle of cables or editing software (unless I want to)

And so, here is my initial experiment: Photos of my latest finished object, a knit ripple scarf in Chroma.


This was a really easy pattern, originally designed to be a cowl but I decided to make it a longer scarf. I used three skeins of Chroma Worsted and it is a truly dreamy yarn. It’s so very fluffy and soft and gets even softer as you work with it.

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  1. futuregirl

    Holy crap I want one of those! I’m getting made fun of and called lazy (“What? It’s so hard to plug in the cable” To that I say, “Yes. Yes it is.”). I know what I’m buying myself as a present … soon.

    1. Amy Maxwell

      Seriously, I can’t recommend it enough. I can take photos of something in the morning, have it upload to Flickr while I get ready for work, then it’s ready to go. Once I get to work I can blog quickly and even edit the photo in flickr if needed. Turned out to be the perfect solution for me and I would have never though of this. Thanks to my brother for showing me the light :)

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