Weekend WIPs – Sweaters

This weekend I was actually more productive than usual. I finished up not one but TWO long standing works-in-progress. Two sweaters, both Doris Chan designs.

The first is a light, lacy cotton sweater that I started way back in early August. In fact, it was mostly finished some time in September but I procrastinated on weaving in the ends and sewing on buttons. And, ok, I still didn’t sew on any buttons but I probably wouldn’t button it anyway. Plus, it’s summery so I have time ;)


The second sweater is one I started in mid-September with the intention of it being a comfy everyday cardigan that I could wear all winter. It’s crocheted with a burgundy tweed yarn, a blend of wool, alpaca, cashmere, rayon and acrylic. It was a little scratchy and dense as I worked with it but after blocking the stitches opened up and the fibers became softer and squishier. It turned out to be exactly the cozy daily sweater I hoped it would be.


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