2010 12-Month CAL

One of the big things I wanted to accomplish with this blog is to do a year-long crochet challenge.  That challenge will be to do a project every month for the year of 2010.  Each month I will start a new project and document the processes so that anyone who’d like to follow along can crochet with me.  Each project will be loosely defined by me.  Some will be patterns that you can find on Ravelry, others will be my own designs (and I’ll post the patterns for those here.) I’m going to try to challenge myself with each project so that I’m either designing something new, trying a new technique or simply working through a technique that tend to I avoid for some reason. I’m going to wait to start this until January because soon I expect to be tied up with holiday projects. What I will do is post a list of my intended projects so that anyone who wants to crochet along can plan ahead. I’d love it if others joined in and shared their progress so that we can help and inspire each other. Also, if you happen to have a similar pattern to what I’m using that you’d prefer, share your experience with that too!

Here’s my intended project plan, roughly:

  • January – mittens
  • February – scarf
  • March – amigurumi
  • April – skirt
  • May – market bag
  • June – camisol
  • July – afghan or rug
  • August – purse
  • September – cowl
  • October – hat
  • November – cardigan
  • December – slippers or socks

I may change these and I am willing to take suggestions.  I’ll add more details for each project as they approach.  Also, some of these I may not finish in a month (the afghan and cardigan for example) but I will start them at the beginning of the month and start the next project at the beginning of the next month and work on them simultaneously if necessary.  I will say that the first project will most likely be these mittens

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