Friday August 6th 2010

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Skew Socks: One Down

It might be a record… I started this sock on Tuesday, didn’t touch it on Friday or Saturday, finished it on Sunday and started the second sock. Four days it took me to knit a whole sock! I’m amazed :)
It turned out a little big for me despite reducing the foot repeats by 4, but not too bad. My heel sewing is a little rough but no one would notice except myself. There’s a weird pointy spot at the heel that I think might relax once I wash and block it. I started the second sock right away because I spent too much money on this yarn to just make one sock and forget about it. I’m sure the second one will come more slowly but I think they will be lovely to wear when it gets colder so I’m surprisingly motivated to finish the pair.
Like I said before, this pattern is not as easy as I originally thought it would be, but I got through it and learned more about knitting. The short rows at the top were not the pain I thought they would be at all. It’s actually very straight forward. The only complicated part for me was the grafting and sewing of the little hole at the end of the grafted seam.

Also, as I worked on this pattern, I naturally thought about how it might work in crochet. Sometime I might experiment with doing a crocheted sock on the diagonal. I have another pair of Lorna’s Laces skeins that might be perfect for that!

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