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Why You Should Learn to Crochet: Part 2

sweet sweaterAnother great reason to learn to crochet yourself is so that you can custom make a garment to fit your body. Mass produced garments will often sag or billow or stretch in unflattering ways because they are not made for your shape. Many crochet patterns have notes or options for waist or bust shaping and can usually be made shorter or longer to closely fit your exact measurements. Amy Herzog at Stash, Knit, Repeat has recently created a 10 part tutorial on how to create a garment to flatter your body type. Her blog is geared towards knitting but you can certainly use her shaping tips to create form flattering crocheted garments as well.

My favorite crocheted sweaters are worked from the top down in one piece which makes them easy to try on and adjust as you go. Sure, some patterns are complex and it might be difficult to adjust them on the fly if you’re not a seasoned crocheter. However, many patterns feature a simple enough stitch pattern that even the novice would be able to customize it without much trouble.

The photo above is a custom crocheted sweater from that I made using a schematic type pattern, top-down, adjusted while I worked (click the photo for the pattern.)

Some more recommended crochet patterns (click for a link to the pattern):

Patterns above are:
Clarice tank my Kim Guzman and Anya tunic by Kristin Omdahl

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