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Why You Should Learn to Crochet: Part 1

PICT0004I’ve been reading articles all over the internet lately about how crochet is making it’s way onto the runways and into the latest fashion trends in a new way. It’s absolutely not all about granny squares or ironic retro 70′s hippie buzzword buzzword blah blah blah…

Crochet can be beautiful without being gimmicky of course. It pops up in trend reports every few years but I think the only reason it doesn’t get bigger or stick around longer is that it’s expensive to buy/manufacture. The reason for that isn’t about materials necessarily, it’s about labor. Unlike knitted garments, crochet can not be replicated by a machine. If you buy a “crocheted” garment from a store and it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, it’s often knit made to look like crochet. Or even weaving or embroidery made to look like crochet. If a garment is truly crocheted, someone spent a lot of time crocheting it by hand and hopefully was compensated well for their time and skill. That’s why crocheted garments will be (and should be) expensive to buy… and why it’s worth it for you to learn to crochet your own garments!

It’s really not as hard as you may think. Some people are under the impression that crochet is always boxy or stiff or just for afghans but the simple trick to making beautiful, drapey, lacy crocheted sweaters, dresses, skirts, etc. is the right yarn and hook combination. Most cheap yarn’s that you will find at your local craft store are going to be bulky and synthetic which is not generally ideal for a crocheted garment. Look for thinner yarns (sport weight, sock weight) made from natural fibers and use a hook big enough to produce a light lacy fabric.

Some recommended crochet patterns (click for a link to the pattern):

Patterns above are
Walking After Midnight skirt by Doris Chan and Cecilia Chemise by Jennifer Hansen

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