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The Neverending Tunic

Three months in and I’ve finally gotten to the edging on my Peaseblossom Tunic. Only it’s turning out way too small! When I started it I read through other people’s notes on Ravelry and everyone said that the pattern ran way big. So, to compensate, I went down a hook size (I’m using a C …

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Pattern Writing

If you missed it this weekend, I released a free crochet fingerless mitts pattern… but not the Shell Mitts I’ve promised for this month. I admit, I’m lazy. The free pattern is a lovely, easy pattern and I already had it mostly written and had photos of the finished product. Paste each into a blog …

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Today is the first day of National Blog Posting Month and I’ve chosen to participate as a way to keep myself motivated to post more often. Today also marks the first day of November which means a new CAL. I’m still working on finishing up the Peaseblossom Tunic but this month I’ll also be working …

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Peaseblossom Tunic CAL

As of last week I’d just finished off the first skein of yarn and started on the second. This is the point where you just repeat the 4 row pattern until it’s long enough. The easy part. This is also the point in a project where I usually get bored and put it away for …

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