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Oh So Lazy

Sorry I’ve been so absent lately. You’d think being unemployed would give me more time for blogging but all it’s done is strip my days of any structure. Some of you may know that I was working as an architectural designer by day but I was laid off a few months ago. My plan is/was …

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Officially a Business


In order to appear (and feel) more professional and to have a nice way to send my contact information to any Etsy buyers and people I may meet in person, I’ve had some business cards printed. I’ve been (very slowly) working on creating a crochet design business for about a year now and somehow this …

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Quit Your Day Job

Something I’d love to be able to do someday… and I’m working on it.  There are so many inspiring stories on Etsy about people who have successfully turned a crafting hobby into a business that makes them a living.  I’ve listed a few of my crocheted scarves on etsy but what I plan to do …

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Back to Work

It’s been a really nice long weekend but I’m back to work today which means I can’t crochet all day anymore :( … and Meiby can’t warm my lap all day either…

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